• A place for happiness!

  • A place for happiness!

  • Be fully renewed, find natural gifts for your spirit, mind and body

  • Inspiration and creativity

  • Reunite with nature

"Sir Koev'' House and ''Legends''

Houses of Legends "Art & Forest" are inspired by beautiful stories and legends in combination with nature and art. This is felt in the interior and the design of each room. On the other hand, the spacious exterior brings a feeling of space, careless childhood and harmony…. The complex is part of the so-called Wellbeing hotels and guest houses or - just a place that makes you feel good.

The Village

The village of Belomuzhite is one of those casual places that are hard to find on the map, but once you do, you can't forget…. The road ends with our village and that's where the pleasure begins… We don't have cafes, shops with illuminated windows, but we have two neighborhoods, a draw well, an old fountain, crossroads without signs, walls in moss, along which are stretching the neighbouring houses, preserving the stories of the past generations ...Also you can take long walks in our lovely and picturesque forest...

Sleeps 8+2

Sleeps 8+2

Outdoor Spaces

Here the courtyards are merged into one large space, where everyone can find their own area to relax. We do not have high fences or nets but we do have large meadows and forest. The barbecue is the most preferred place for our guests, where there is a separate area for dining and meetings with friends. We also have a special terrace for yoga, dancefloor, and In the warm summer evenings we welcome you to our summer cinema.


Legends Art & Forest organizes and provides the ideal shared space for creative camps, yoga retreats, healthy vacations, as well as for corporate themed events and work in a healthy environment (remote office). The place is magical for families and friends.

The ''Gossip'' House

It''s called "Gossip" house or "Kiosk", but for us it's a special place where you can just sit huddled in your thoughts or with a good book and sip fragrant coffee while the sun creeps through the walnut branches and touches your hair, as the neighbor's cat stretches lazily on the opposite wall, and you're wondering whether to share this moment with others or to leave it to yourself ... However you call this place it still is 5 stars.

A fabulous place with the most hospitable hosts

Legends Art & Forest is the winner of the prestigious award

In every our products we search for the connection between art, nature and the healthy lifestyle. We stand behind causes that support local artists and producers.

Exit the network - Welcome to nature!

Legends Art & Forest follows the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism! We protect the environment, use energy-saving appliances and heating system, bio cosmetics and work in a network with our local farmers and craftsmen! We received this special Green House sign from the European Green House Network. We invite our guests to love and protect nature, it is our common home.